Measurement Details

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1. Measurement in Microns/MM.
2. Upto 5 projection lines(Referance lines) can be drown on image.
3. Upto 5 straight lines can be drawn and distance measured.
4. Upto 5 Angles can be drawn and measured.
5. One multiline can be drawn and length measured.(for ex. Crack)
6. Upto 5 Arcs can be drawn and measured.
7. Upto 5 Circle can be drawn, Merasures circle radius,area perimeter.
8. Upto 5 Square/Rectangle can be drawn,Measures area and perimeter.
9. One Polygaon can be drawn and measured.
10. Upto 5Lable/Annotation can be superimposed on image.
11. Report is generated in word format.


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