P5.0A – Full Automatic Particle Analysis System

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1. Full Automatic.
2. Fixed Magnification suitable for Particle Analysis.
3. Pre calibrated, Pre configured for ISO 16232.
4. Software driven Ring Light Control.
5. Software driven Auto Focus and Zoom.
6. Software controlled Stage X and Y movements.
7. Auto move to Home position and start scan position.
8. Can configure start position as per paper size.
9. Once click system from analysis to report.
10.Auto image stitching and analysis.
11.Auto save report in Word format.
12.Three software in one for Single field analysis, Multiple field Analysis and Full Paper analysis.
13.Three auto focus method to choose from auto focus every image before saving, multi location pre auto focus and then scan image and pre configure auto focus for full paper.
14.Calculation of Component-Cleanliness-Code (CCC) according to ISO 16232
15.Automatic detection of particle types Reflective, Non-Reflective, Reflective-Fibrous and Non-Reflective-Fibrous.
16.Evaluation of many particle parameters for each particle (particle size with min area, particle size with max area, particle size min, particle size max, length, width, area, roundness, perimeter, Eq. Dia., Aspect Ratio, fiber length, and many more).
17. Three Report formats like Single Page, Minimum report and Full report.

Single Page Report

Minimum Report
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Full Report
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

P5-0A Overview Video

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